Technology of Note

Starships: Vessels that ply the void between planets, and utilize jumpgates to move between star systems. The Engineers and Charioteers do what they can, but the truth is many of the ships in use are centuries old, particularly the larger ones. They were designed for a different time, and now are slowly falling to ruin from age, lack of skilled maintenance, and simple obsolescence. There are enough ships in existence, however, that interplanetary and interstellar travel is common, and jumpgates are pretty busy, particularly those of “hub” worlds.

Think Machines: Surviving computers are heavily proscribed by the Church, and many are now extremely crash-prone after centuries of limited maintenance and faulty recoding using Church (Lex V.V) or Guild (Turing for Engineers or Constantinople for the Reeves) programming languages.

“Magic Lantern” Shows: Holographic projectors and holographic films are now considered akin to miracles by a large percentage of humanity; thus, they are “magic lanterns” that produce pictures and sound.

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Technology of Note

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