Planet Severus

The jungle planet Severus is the homeworld of House Decados – and some would say that a more fitting place could not exist. It is a harsh, treacherous planet with dangers lurking everywhere. Very few humans lived on this jungle planet before the collapse of the Second Republic. The flora and fauna of Severus can be beautiful, almost intoxicating – but just as often it may be carnivorous and simply fatal. Its native species and indigenous sentients (the primitive Ascorbites) have evolved tough, almost metallic skin and sharp teeth to break through skin to the sweet blood within. Severan hull rats are probably the most famous of these, and they now infest ships throughout The Known Worlds. They use their sharp teeth to gnaw through anything in search of nourishment. The similarity between the Severan buorka-flower, with its brilliantly colored and beautiful petals but painfully toxic oil, and the effete and treacherous Decados nobles is not easily dismissed.

Despite the many hardships associated with Severus (especially the Severan hull rats), many call Severus home. Mining for rare trace-minerals still takes place, but most Severan residents are not miners — they are refugees and expatriates (called elsewhere “criminals”) from the rest of the Empire, offered sanctuary at Severus in exchange for loyalty to House Decados. Now these upstanding citizens support every facet of life on Severus, from farming to merchantry. Some continue the activities which led them to flee their homeworlds (assassination, black marketing, drug trafficking, etc.), but, provided these services are rendered for House Decados and not against it, there is little problem from the local lords. Hyram Decados maintains Manse Decados, the ducal palace for the entire house; he resides here with his entourage and many supporters, running House Decados with a tight fist.

Edenya: Severus has a small moon which, like itself, is covered by jungle. Edenya is inhabitable, but only barely so. Flora and fauna are equally venomous, and a cloying haze of humidity makes the already acrid air difficult to breathe. Edenya is owned and run by the Jakovian Agency; all that the public knows is that the kossack training camp is on Edenya, and everything else is classified. The Jakovians monitor all entry and egress to Edenya.

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Planet Severus

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