Planet Pandemonium (Grange)

Pandemonium is a House Decados frontier world. Activity on Pandemonium has heightened considerably with the discovery (thanks to the Vau) of the previously-unknown planet, Iver, and Decados fleet activity has increased in the vicinity. House Decados is split on the best course of action – whether to simply send in dragoons — and kossacks if need be – to claim the world which they believe is rightfully Decados, or whether to attempt a more subtle and steady takeover.

Grange Station: Of equal importance near Pandemonium is the uncompleted jumpgate contested by House Decados and the Charioteers. Count Enis Sharn arranged for a marginally functional Second Republic starbase, originally in orbit around Pandemonium, to be towed near the uncompleted jump gate – to plant the Decados banner near the jumpgate.

Unfortunately, his plan has backfired. The Emperor has decided that “Grange Station” would be an excellent exercise in cooperation, and has called for the station to be jointly staffed by The Merchant League and House Decados, collaborating to discover the secrets of the jumpgate, and overseen by an Imperial monitor to maintain the peace (unfortunately, he has no ability to enforce his suggestions). Whether this forced compromise is merely a farce which will exacerbate the tension has yet to be proven.

Grange Station is an old Second Republic monitoring station, capable of housing nearly 500 people. All but the largest ships can dock at any of its five working bays, and shuttlecraft can dock at its numerous small bays. It is marginally operative, with Engineers constantly trying to revive failing Second Republic systems and repair its decaying superstructure. Glyphs of unknown origin have been found in one recently discovered access tunnel, which some people believe have Sathraist origins.

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Planet Pandemonium (Grange)

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