Planet Leminkainen

Closer than any of The Known Worlds to the Vuldrok border, Leminkainen presents House Hawkwood with a bureaucratic and military nightmare. Overrun at one point during the Barbarian Invasions, Leminkainen is still playing catch-up, trying to recover from the damage done to its cities and farmlands. Although House Hawkwood was able to retake their planet and drive out most of the invaders, many barbarians remained behind after their armies left and now form their own enclave on one of the three major landmasses of the planet. While claiming sovereignty over what they call Valdalla, these tribes maintain a tenuous truce with the Hawkwood “overlords,” whom they refuse to acknowledge as such though they pay tribute to them anyway. The Hawkwoods say the barbarians are deluded, and only live separately from others because the Hawkwoods allow it.

The native barbarians are said to be petitioning the Vuldrok Star-Nations for an alliance, and if their sealed jumpgate ever reopens, the Hawkwoods would have a difficult time holding onto this world.

Leminkainen is valuable to House Hawkwood because of the presence of rare deposits of Pygmallium. An entire Hawkwood garrison resides on the site where this precious metal is extracted in order to protect the area from possible attack. The population of Leminkainen is less than 500,000 (not counting the barbarians, who have never submitted to a census). Most of the inhabitants of the planet live in small villages where they spend their time laboring long hours to make the land produce once more and to help it recover from the hardships and depredations caused by long years of pitched battles. The city of Hakkonen, the largest on the planet, lies near Leminkainen’s only starport and the Pygmallium mines. The Engineers have an agreement with House Hawkwood that allows them access to the Pygmalliun produced on planet in return for reduced rates for acquiring and repairing advanced technology. They also maintain a minor Guildhouse on the planet.

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Planet Leminkainen

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