Planet Gwynneth

Much of this world is still covered by old growth forests, simulating the ancient woods that once reportedly blanketed Holy Terra. Although its population numbers nearly a billion, this does not include the uncounted groups of pagan peoples residing in the deep backwoods of the planet. The lumber industry provides Gwynneth with its major export, both in raw material and in finely crafted furnishings.

The House Hawkwood nobles who maintain estates on Gwynneth also keep a constant watch for signs of Vuldrok interference with the planet. Gwynneth suffered major losses of life and property from the Vuldrok raiders. Unfortunately the forest-dwelling pagan population of the planet saw the raiders as liberators come to free them from the yoke of a Church-dominated Empire. House Hawkwood, in order to bolster its military presence on the planet, has hired Muster mercenaries from Bannockburn, thus giving the Vuldrok a less than welcome inroad on the world and resulting in some friction between the locals and the auxiliaries. The Hawkwoods have allowed Vuldrok ambassadors to pass through their space to Byzantium Secundus in the hopes that Emperor Alexius will act once he meets the uncouth barbarians face to face.

Even in the larger population centers such as the capital city of Llanfyrth, technology rarely exceeds Victorian age capabilities. The exceptions are, of course, found in those places where the Hawkwoods actually maintain estates and residences, where Second Republic technology maintains house members in comfort. The “forest people,” a Hawkwood euphemism for the pagans, dwell in hovels that barely approach medieval standards of sophistication.

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Planet Gwynneth

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