House Decados


Slimy, cunning and extremely successful, the Decados have risen to power through treachery and an uncanny understanding of their rivals – helped in no small part, no doubt, by their vast, invisible intelligence network. While the other families accuse them of a number of crimes, the Decados are here to stay and thus must be dealt with on their own terms. Decados vassals despise their lords but are kept in line through fear or the promise of power for those who make good quislings.

Like most Houses, House Decados fields a myriad of soldiers, from psychic Screaming Dervish shock troops to vacuum-suited Marauders to hordes of serf levies armed with spears. None, however, are more feared than the Kossacks, the strong arm of their Jakovian intelligence agency. Genetically altered to the point where the Temple Avesti no longer even recognize them as human, the Kossacks are trained in the hostile environment of Severus’s moon, then subjected to chemical baths and rigorous conditioning. Nearly a quarter of the recruits die; 40% more simply fail out.

This House controls the worlds of Cadavus, Cadiz, Malignatius, Pandemonium (Grange), and Severus.

NPC Sir Yevgeni Decados is a member of this House.

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House Decados

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