Weapons and Armor

Energy Shields: The theories used to produce energy shields have long since been lost, but millions and millions were produced during the debased and dissipated era of the Second Republic, and a large number survive into the present era. They are extremely common among the nobility, the Guilds, and, to a lesser extent, the priesthood.

Shields are impact and energy activated; they automatically turn on when their integrity field is compromised past a certain point. Very weak or very powerful attacks may bypass a shield in part or in full; the result has been the rise of a dueling culture, where opponents attempt to skillfully use swords to repeatedly wound their foes while simultaneously not striking with enough force to activate the shield.

Broad impacts, like falls from a great height, or multiple rapid impacts, like a burst of machine gun fire, can cause the shield to overload and shut down.

Blasters: Blasters are TL7 plasma weapons; the knowledge to build them has been retained by the Supreme Order of Engineers. Blasters can sometimes leak through shields, but poorly-maintained examples can explode if mishandled.

Lasers: Less advanced than blasters, and more easily affected by poor atmospheric conditions, lasers are more accurate, easier to manufacture and to maintain, but less powerful than blasters.

Slugthrowers: Firearms in The Known Worlds are more ornate than comparable 20th century pieces; though many are still mass-produced, they are mass-produced for noble armies or noblemen and women. Only a few weapons, like the Imperial Army service rifle, are devoid of any ornamentation. Most resemble flintlocks and matchlocks at least as much as modern weapons, and ornate revolvers are second only to swords as ceremonial weapons in the Known Worlds.

Examples of Known Worlds revolvers:
Snaplock revolver
Collier revolver 300x237

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Weapons and Armor

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