Tech Levels

There are ten known levels of technology in the Fading Suns universe; a listing of the levels and their analogous time period in human development is below:

TL0: Stone age.
TL1: Medieval.
TL2: Renaissance.
TL3: Victorian-Edwardian era.
TL4: 1930s-1960s
TL5: Mid to late 21st Century. Spacecraft. Advanced polycarbonates.
TL6: Early Second Republic. Starships, advanced non-sentient computers.
TL7: Second Republic. Early AI. Shields.
TL8: Vau, late 2nd Republic. Terraforming. Advanced AI.
TL9: Lesser Urtech.
TL10: Urtech. Jumpgates.

Most Freemen in the Known Worlds live at TL3; serfs often live at TL2. The small upper middle class may live at TL4.

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Tech Levels

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