As most of the population of The Known Worlds is living at a pre-electrical level of technology (at best) and is largely illiterate, media is not at all pervasive or in any real way for the masses. Most news is provided by rumor mill, leavened with town criers on the payroll of the local noble house, the Guilds, or the Church.

Mass media is very tightly controlled; the Hazat have almost nothing beyond military voice and audiovisual channels, for instance, and news is spread by social calls between nobles. The Hawkwoods maintain one planetary radio station on Gwynneth for the assimilated Vuldrok (Vuldrok religious traditions involves the heavy use of sagas recited over the radio) and sponsor some Church-vetted traveling “magic lantern” shows as holographic films are called. The Li Halan produce a prodigious amount of magic lantern programs and have sophisticated distribution channels, but it’s mostly rather heavy handed stuff, similar to medieval mystery plays, and usually extremely Orthodox. The Decados keep very tight control on the flow of information that gets to their serfs, and usually have radio stations playing house propaganda 24/7. God knows what depravities the nobles have access to. The al-Malik rely on the League for their entertainment, and indeed, one of the primary sources of income for the Charioteers is the transport of magic lantern shows produced by other guilds; these travel the known worlds, and their arrival is always a major event.

The magic lantern shows are often fairly broad dramatizations of actual events, or stories from the Omega Gospels. There are minstrels, too, and they sing about current events.

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