Horrors of the Fading Suns

Here be voyde krakens
Void Krakens: Leviathans have been seen flying through space, Void Krakens who attack and rend starships.

No holocamera has recorded the image of such an attacker, but many ships claiming such assaults return to port with hull damage which is hard to envisage as coming from conventional weapons: seeming bite marks, or sucker impressions.

If they exist, Void Krakens live out deep in the dark between the stars; only a very foolhardy starship crew would venture deep into the unlit void, lest they risk encountering one.

Perhaps, although almost too horrible to contemplate, the reason that humankind has never found a single trace of the sleeper ships dispatched from Urth prior to the discovery of the jumpgate is because they were consumed whole by the Krakens, lurking in the dark between the stars.

Husks: Also known as night-crackers or scarecrows, these ambulatory corpses sometimes plague remote rural areas. Those in the cities think of them as folk tales. For a time, they remember something of their old lives, and retain the powers of speech and tool use, but these quickly fade. They hunger for flesh, and, despite the folk wisdom, decapitation is not enough to fell them.

No alien husks have ever been encountered; only humans, though they prey upon all species.

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Horrors of the Fading Suns

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