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Fading Suns has been around since 1996, and while it has fewer supplements than, say, Battletech, there’s still a fair amount of information out there.

Free Stuff

Sholari James’s Fading Suns Page James was kind enough to let me use content from his site for the wiki.

The Fading Suns Wiki Unfortunately poorly-edited, and not always reliable, but in some cases (the timeline, for instance) quite comprehensive.

RedBrick LLC’s Free Downloads Page RedBrick is publishing the often-delayed next edition of Fading Suns. They have a character sheet, quickstart rules, charts, and a free sourcebook on their downloads page.

Holistic-Design’s Fading Suns Downloads HDI originally published Fading Suns, but they’re largely senescent these days. Their downloads page has the collected “Alustro’s Journals”, short stories that appeared at the start of each sourcebook, and which may be helpful in giving a sense of the universe.

Adhere Ye Not to the False Gods of Second Republic Capitalism

Fading Suns rules and sourcebooks are available any number of ways these days. First, a quick note on editions: Fading Suns was published in 1996 as a softcover, and the hardcover Second Edition came out in 1999. There’s also a Second Edition Revised, put out by RedBrick, which is functionally identical to the Second Edition aside from some minor errata corrections. I’m using the Second Edition for this game.

DriveThruRPG and RPGNow sell PDFs of the Fading Suns sourcebooks, including a deeply discounted Player Bundle.

RedBrick currently sells (through POD Lulu.com) two sourcebooks, some adventures, and the 2nd Edition Revised core rules as hardcopies.

HDI stills sells older Fading Suns products through their webstore, but their response time is slow.

In general, I plan on running the game in such a way that you don’t NEED to buy anything. That’s the plan.

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