The Noble Houses

There are five major noble houses, or Royal Houses, and a dozen or so minor houses. House Justinian used to be a major house but fell in status. In addition, the Houses of Alecto, Gesar, and Windsor were left extinct after the First Emperor War. House Chauki is also believed to be extinct, overthrown by the Hazat.

Royal Houses

House Al-Malik: Clever and insightful merchants.

House Decados: Cunning and treacherous politicians/criminals.

House Hawkwood: Honorable and proud nobles.

House Hazat: Intense and mercurial warriors.

House Li Halan: Zealously pious reformed decadents.

Minor Houses
Cameton: Imperial stewards and administrators.
Chauki: Exterminated Royal House.
Juandastaas: Alien-friendly diplomats and philosophers.
Justinian: Loyal and honorable warriors.
Keddah: Wealthy rulers of Grail, forced by Decados to fight the Al-Malik.
Masseri: Poor and beholden to Decados, due to the Symbiot invasion of their world.
Shelit: Disfavored Kurgan Caliphate nobility allied with Hazat; cyberneticists.
Thana: Ethereal, psychic scholars, dispossessed of their world by the beast-like Aluun.
Torenson: Seneschals and experts in etiquette without peer.
Trusnikron: Young, somewhat uncouth expert animal trainers and cavalry warriors.
Van Gelder: Unwilling but expert spies and assassins for Decados.
Xanthippe: Space-preferring matriarchal house with a reputation for fine wine and elite mercenaries.

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The Noble Houses

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