Pre-History ( – 2305) – This is the period from the time of The Anunnaki to humanity’s discovery of The Jumpgates. Records of this period are dim and forgotten in the mists of time.

The First Republic (2305 – 2500) – This is the colonial period of humanity, where they stretched out their fingers to the stars. Further, the emergence of modern religions began to change the face of humanity.

The Diaspora (2500 – 2723) – After the Collapse of the First Republic, humanity was scattered among the stars. New political ideologies sprang up like flowers after the rain, the edges of human territory were pushed back ever further, and humanity’s first encounter with a sentient life form (?) would set the tone for their future interspecies relations.

The Age of Miracles (2723 – 2845) – In 2723 the Prophet Zebulon saw the Holy Flame. This era is emblazoned upon the minds of nobles, freemen, and serfs alike. It is a time of mythic legend, remembered in much the same way that we remember Biblical times today.

The Consolidation Wars (2845 – 3020) – After the Martyrdom of the Prophet, different sects of The Universal Church of the Pancreator, still in its infancy, found themselves vying for support. This war transmuted when contact with the Ukari was established, and it became a fight to become the dominant race of The Known Worlds.

The Foundation Era (3020 – 3500) – With the Known Worlds won for humanity, the only question remaining was who would rule it? The period of the Consolidation Wars had caused a huge advance in technology; this period was known for both the Cold War with the Vau and also the Unity Wars of The Merchant League factions.

The Second Republic (3500 – 4000) – This is universally acclaimed as the peak of human civilization, though not always fondly. In this period, to the minds of the modern era, science and magic seemed to have no defining boundary. If it could be imagined, it could be done.

The New Dark Ages (4000 – 4525) – With the Fading Suns phenomena came the Fall of the Second Republic. In this period, the nobility consolidated their power in an alliance with the Universal Church. The Merchant League formed sanctuaries of technology out of the remnants of the Second Republic. It is here that the modern era begins to take shape.

The Great Empire (4525 – 4561) – With the incursion of the Barbarians, the feuding Noble Houses were forced to unite together to oppose a common threat. It was here that Vladimir Alecto I united the Known Worlds under his rule and established interplanetary diplomatic protocol that would form the foundation of the modern Empire. Vladimir was mysteriously assassinated at his coronation, bursting into flames when he placed the crown upon his head.

The Regency Period (4561 – 4964) – The remnant of the Great Empire was collected in what is now known as the Phoenix Empire. This period is marked by ten year regencies of different houses. Byzantine plots, Machiavellian actions, and other covert forms of realpolitik were exploited to secure greater power, wealth, and stability.

The Emperor Wars (4964 – 4995) – The tensions between the different Houses finally broke, and the entire Empire was plunged into war for the title of Emperor. Millions of lives were lost and new and perverse technologies were created that still haunt the memories of their victims.

Consolidation (4995 – ) – The Emperor Wars ended with the coronation of Emperor Alexius I. This era, a thousand years after the suns began to fade, is sometimes called “Apocalypse,” as many consider it the end of time. Yet, some still remember the original meaning of the word… revelation.

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