The Anunnaki: Prehistoric aliens, highly advanced, builders of the jumpgates.

Ascorbites: Enigmatic insectoids with both individual and hive minds.

Etyri: Brightly-colored avians on a world taken over by human corporations.

Gannok: Fast-learning, fast-healing simians with a sense of humor as strong as their stench.

Hironem: Religious and ancient reptilians, heavily influence by the Vau.

Oro’ym: Culturally collapsed and degenerated amphibians.

Preadamites: Another name for the prehistoric Anunnaki.

Shantor: Sentient ungulates, enslaved and exploited, but bearing their burden with honor and nobility.

Symbiots: Unknown, threatening species of shape-changers, using organic technology and infecting human minds and wills.

Ur-Obun: Peaceful and philosophical homids, respected in the Known Worlds, with deep connections to the Anunnaki and the Ur-Ukar.

Ur-Ukar: Broken, exploited homids, ignored by most of humanity; some are mounting a resistance movement.

The Vau: Mysterious, non-expansionistic homids with superior technology.

Vorox: Huge, carnivorous, multi-limbed jungle-dwellers, often used as shock troops, but adaptable.

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