Tsingtao Changchen

Pious Naïf, Armed to the Teeth


Sir Tsingtao Changchen (Li Halan)

Strength 6
Dexterity 8
Endurance 6
Wits 6
Perception 5
Tech 3

Extrovert 5 / Introvert 1
Passion 7 / Calm 1
Faith 5 / Ego 1

Pious (+2 Extrovert among the sinful)
Guilty (-2 on all rolls when opposing Church officials)


Rank: Li Halan Knight

Vitality: 11 (-10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0/0)

Wyrd: 7


Charm 7
Dodge 6
Fight 3
Impress 4
Melee 8
Observe 6
Shoot 4
Sneak 3
Vigor 3
Lore: Theology 2
Focus 1
Etiquette 4
Read Latin (the language of the Church, incorporates Sanskrit and Greek by 4999)
Speak Latin
Speak Urthish (the lingua fraca of the Known Worlds)
Read Urthish
Remedy 2
Ride 2
Knavery 4

Combat Maneuvers
Parry 18
Thrust 16 (+2 initiative bonus)
Slash 16 (-2 initiative penalty, more damage)
Draw and Strike 14 (-2 initiative penalty, but allows one to draw and attack immediately)
Parry and Riposte 18/15 (Allows one to parry and then immediately counterattack)


Synthsilk armor (4d armor; unlike most armor, this can be worn under an energy shield. Tsingtao’s synthsilk comes from an old Second Republic automatic factory, and is an unfortunate and shocking color; it is not suitable for formal occasions, but it’s what his family could afford.)
Dueling Shield (5/15 damage resistance. Damage under five points will not activate the shield, but 6-15 points of damage will trigger it and be absorbed. Hits over 15 points of damage, which would be rare, may burn out the shield. The shield can normally abosrb 15 hits before it needs to be recharged. Many dueling shields are very concealable, but Tsingtao’s is a older, bulkier model in the shape of a Jumpgate Cross.)
10 spare fusion cells for shield
Leather Jerkin (4d armor, can’t be worn under shields)
Advanced Ceramic Half-Plate Armor (6d armor, can’t be worn under shields)
Rapier (5 DMG)
Claymore (DMG 8)
Knife (DMG 3)
Snickersnee (DMG 4)
Wrist Crossbow (DMG 3, strapped to the wrist by a leather thong), 40 bolts
Alembic Blaster Pistol (DMG 7, can leak through shields. 10 shots per fusion cell.)
10 spare fusion cells for pistol
Van Gelder 10mm Assault Rifle (DMG 7), 90 bullets (3 magazines)
Sumpter .47 Heavy Revolver with 60 bullets (DMG 6), plus 12 “Vorox Claw” bullets (DMG 8)
Mitchau .32 Light Revolver with 60 bullets (DMG 4)
Squawker personal radio
Second Republic-era Fusion Lamp
Whisper Pin (very small, unobtrusive personal radio, built into a pin with the Li Halan insignia on it)
MedPac with Elixer Tissue Regenerative Serum Injector with 5 doses.
Waterproof mechanical wristwatch
5 sets of slightly-out-of-fashion court outfits
Annotated Edition of the Omega Gospels
315 Firebirds


Changchen is the seventh son of a minor noble and a knight in the service of House Li Halan. Young, idealistic and unready, Changchen is eager to prove himself worthy of his father’s name, and to win a holding for himself.

Changchen pines for the Lady Xiangrun, his elder cousin betrothed to the scion of a rival House.

Changchen sometimes sings while riding or fencing.

“Sidera errantia: quibus procella tenebrarum servata est in æternum.”

Tsingtao Changchen

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