Marcus Wilheim

Previous Peasent now Penitent Psychic Priest


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 7
Endurance: 5
Perception: 7
Tech: 4
Extrovert: 5/Introvert: 2
Passion:2/ Calm: 5
Faith: 4/ Ego: 2
Psi: 3/ Urge: 0
Vitality: 10 (-10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0)

Natural Skills
Charm: 4
Dodge: 6
Fight: 4
Impress: 3
Melee: 4
Observe 7
Shoot: 6
Sneak: 3
Vigour: 5

Learned Skills
Read: Latin
Read: Urthish
Speak Urthish (Native)
Speak: Latin
Lore: Folk: 2
Lore: Theology: 2
Focus: 5
Stoic Mind: 5
Artisan: Clothing: 5
Etiquette: 2
Search: 4

Loyal (plus 2 Passion when following Liege)
Ally (Hawkwood Baronet/the Baron’s Son)
Protection (Church Psychic)
Cash: 1000 (118 after purchases)
Ordained: Novitiate
Fast Draw (plus 2 Initiative drawing and firing a gun in same action)
Guilty (minus 2 on all rolls when opposing Church officials)
Unnerving (minus 2 Extrovert around superstitious people)
Poor Liar (minus 2 Wits when lying)

Psychic Powers
Sixth Sense
-Dark Sense
-Subtle Sight

Combat Manuevers

Leather Jerkin
TL4 Fusion Torch
Physick’s Kit
Md. Revolver
-60 ammo slugs
Lt. Revolver
-100 ammo slugs
Standard Shield
Assorted clothing, perhaps one or two somewhat fashionable pieces in the lot
The Omega Gospel
Small Jumpgate Cross
Sewing kit


A recently ordained penitent psychic of the Orthodoxy, Marcus was born to a young Delphian peasant/householder woman serving as a seamstress for a line of the Montgomery family of the noble House Hawkwood.

His mother never informed him who his father was, and although the other house servant’s children teased him, he never pushed his mother on the matter. It was rare for him to see her happy (At least unless she was attending to the Baron Montgomery, though he was often ushered out of the room when she was) and he was sure the question would upset her, just like the first time he had asked. In time, he learned his mother’s trade and became close friends with one of the Baron’s younger sons; a flamboyant youth who loved new clothing that he could wear to the parties the nobility were always throwing.

Little changed, save for how close he and the Baron’s son grew to one another, until his 19th birthday when he began to see faint glows around the people of the mansion every now and again. This strange sight would generally precede a strong nosebleed. Of course, he told no one of these occurrences, playing the stigma off as the lasting result of a fight he’d been in with one of the boys down in the kitchen. This strange sight sounded all too much like what the sinful psychic might be able to do, having heard numerous cautionary tales from the local priest on the subject.

Eventually, he confided in his mother, afraid for his soul. She of course drew back, afraid, and ran to fetch the Baron’s head of house, who in turn informed the local priest. Marcus was shortly taken into Church custody, despite the Baron’s son’s pleading words to his father, and shipped off to the Mars St. Michael Cathedral to become a one of the Universal Church’s psychics. There he felt a number of indignities, but came to understand them as attempts to purify him of the sin of being a psychic. To turn against the Church would irredeemably tarnish his soul mirror, which was marred enough with a sin he had never asked for. As a result, he turned to studying the word of the Prophet and the Pancreator until the Church decided it was time for him to leave the confines of the Martian cathedral and use his skills for the betterment of the Known Worlds and the Church as a novitiate of the Orthodoxy.

Marcus Wilheim

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