Lieutenant Cheung Dingane Magellan

A charming crackerjack pilot


Charioteers move around a lot, mixing and circulating, and Cheung’s genetics (and name) reflect that tendency over the generations. He’s deeply bronze in skin tone, with mild features but tightly curled hair which he keeps shaven close to his skull. Long hair gets in the way in a space-suit, anyway, and even a “fro” like his can be troublesome. He’s tall and skinny; he’s healthy, but it’s not hard to guess he’s been a spacer most of his life. He sometimes grows facial hair, but is often clean-shaven; it depends on his mood.

Strength 4, Dexterity 8, Endurance 4
Wits 8, Perception 6, Tech 6

Extrovert 8/Introvert 1
Passion 3/Calm 2
Faith 1/Ego 3

Curious: +2 Extrovert when seeing something new
Nosy: -2 Calm when seeing something new

Charioteers Rank: Lieutenant (an administrative, not a military rank.)
Crack Pilot: +2 skill to pilot any vehicle


Charm 7, Dodge 5, Fight 3, Impress 3, Melee 3, Observe 4, Shoot 5, Sneak 3, Vigor 3, Inquiry 1, Streetwise 3, Drive (Spaceship) 8 (+ 2), Drive (Aircraft) 6 (+ 2), Mech Redemption 2, High Tech Redemption 2, Remedy 3, Spacesuit-trained, Lore: Preadamites 1, Science (Sensors) 5, Think Machine 1, Warfare (Gunnery) 1, Languages: Urthish (literate), Read Urthtech, Ukar (illiterate)

Gear: Armor Mesh Spacesuit (8d armor, -1 dex when not flying), boot knife (DMG 3d ), four-barreled pepperbox derringer (DMG 3 ) with 20 bullets, sawed-off shotgun (DMG 8 ) with 20 shells, Squawker personal radio, Elixer tissue regenerative serum injector with five doses, 9 firebirds.


Raised in the space-lanes, a hereditary Charioteer, Cheung Dingane Magellan’s been just about everywhere and piloted seemingly everything. He’s perhaps a little weaker and more frail than average, a legacy of long years spent in space, but he has excellent reflexes, is smart, reasonably perceptive, and vastly more tech-aware than the run-of-the-mill human in 4999 AD. He’s driven by the new, seeking things he hasn’t done, places he hasn’t been, people he hasn’t met.

Cheung is outgoing and open, slightly more excitable than he is calm, a little more self-interested than he is religious. He’s quite charming, one of the best space pilots in the Known Worlds, and a pretty good atmospheric craft pilot. He speaks and reads Urthish (the lingua fraca of the Known Worlds), can read the written language of Urthtech (basically technobabble, though the KW use terms like ether and phlogiston freely), and can speak but not read Ukar (the language of the Ur-Ukari, the aliens whose home world the League now owns).

He’s a good man to have by your side in the tavern, picking up the fellow patrons of your taste, but even better to have behind the controls of your vehicle. His services as a pilot can be contracted through his Guild, but he’s more likely to accept your offer if there’s something unusual about the job.

Lieutenant Cheung Dingane Magellan

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