Julia de Kelestra

Slow to draw, quick to fire.


Strength 6
Dexterity 8
Endurance 6

Wits 7
Perception 8
Tech 3

Extrovert 2/Introvert 3
Passion 1/Calm 3
Faith 3/Ego 1

Psi 2
Wyrd 5

Psi Powers

Sixth Sense Path

Sensitivity 16
Darksense 15

Dangerous Secret
Vendetta: Hazat Noble

Charm 3
Dodge 6
Fight 6
Impress 3
Melee 3
Observe 8
Shoot 8
Sneak 5
Vigor 3
Read Latin
Read Urthish
Speak Latin
Lore: Hazat 2
Lore: Chauki 2
Lore: Theology 2
Empathy 3
Acting 8

Combat Maneuvers
Off-Hand Shot no penalty for off-hand shooting
Two-Gun 16/15
Step Forward, Deliver the Sermon (Martial Arts Punch) DMG 3
Bow to Pray, Greet the Beloved (Head Butt) 15 DMG 4

Vitality: 11 (-10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0/0)

Rank: Battle Brother Apprentice
Cash 7 (2000 firebirds)

Two Van Gelder .47 heavy semiautomatic pistols with 50 bullets
Standard Energy Shield with five spare fusion cells
Polymer Knit armor (2d armor, 6d against bullets)
Squawker personal radio
Elixer injector with five doses
425 firebirds


Given over to the Church and raised as a Brother Battle monk, Julia de Kelestra is considered one of the finest gunfighters in the Known Worlds. Her expert marksmanship and unnatural knack for overcoming terrible odds have made her a prized asset of the Church, having worked for most of the Houses, as well as the Guilds, Empire, and of course the Church, at one point or another. Though determined not to show it, she feeds off the demand for her services and the renown won after a successful contract, drinking up the esteem her skills win her.

Julia accepts only aid offered without prompting; she feels self-preservation should be enough motivation for most and anyone without it would be a liability. She cares not for persuading others, letting her actions speak for themselves. She does poorly in a situation governed by complex social moors as a consequence of her upbringing, having never been schooled in courtly niceties.

Tall and willowy, at first glance many might assume her to have a few drops of Thana blood, but rumors surrounding her are much more serious. Unsubstantiated claims circulate that is one of the last scions of House Chauki, and is being sheltered by the Church in exchange for her services in battle. With her origins concealed, having been given over in early childhood, she refuses to entertain what she terms “thinly-veiled threats.”

Julia de Kelestra

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