Baron Gabrial Antonio Jose Rolas y Hazat de Kurga

A methodical Hazat troubleshooter


Body: Strength 8, Dexterity 7, Endurance 7
Mind: Wits 8, Perception 6, Tech 5
Spirit: Extrovert 4, Introvert 5, Passion 3, Calm 6, Faith 1, Ego 5
Skills: Warfare (Tactics) 7, Warfare (Strategy) 6, Dodge 5, Impress 7, Melee 8, Social (Leadership) 9, Shoot 6, Lore (Hazat) 8, Observe 5, Archery 7, Fight 5, Charm 4, Ride 9


Baron Gabrial Antonio Jose Rolas y Hazat de Kurga is a Hazat nobleman who earned great distinction for his actions on Kurga (or Hira, as the Barbarians call it) during the tail end of the Emperor Wars. Hailing from the hypermartial Rolas branch of the Hazats, Baron Gabrial is noted both for his impressive martial abilities, as well as his icy reserve; unlike most less successful Hazat officers during the Emperor Wars, he rarely lost his cool or overreached himself. Many Hazat believe that if he had been in command during the joint Hazat-Decados Siege of Jericho at the end of the Emperor Wars, they, and not House Hawkwood, would have installed an Emperor on the Phoenix Throne. Rolas y Hazat has done little to disabuse these notions, and in private is rumored to be a bitter critic of the Hazat’s ill-fated alliance with House Decados during the wars.

Since the end of the Emperor Wars and the rumored discovery of a lost world holding surviving members of House Chauki, Rolas y Hazat has dedicated himself to scouring the Known Worlds in search of these alleged nobles. While, like many Hazat, he is an accomplished swordsman, he’s ruthless enough not to bother with the formalities of a duel should he meet one.

Baron Gabrial Antonio Jose Rolas y Hazat de Kurga

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